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The right investment decision and quality of living in the knowledge era

In accordance to the Quality of Life Index by Country (2021), Spain is the 16th best country to enjoy your living. The most relevant positions are occupied by European nations. Furthermore, Spain is the second country in the world and first in Europe in life expectancy, according to the OECD. In fact, its people, culture, the Mediterranean climate and diet, and its good health indicators, or safety, among many other positive features, make Spain a preferred destination for expatriates to live and work. And Andalusia, is probably the most attractive and interesting place to live in Spain.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically and drastically changed the way we work. It has drastically changed how millions of people work and their relationship with cities. Nowadays, given the complex, interconnected and dynamic nature of the new urban system, the true value of this transformation can be achieved only by ensuring quality of living. As Walt Whitman said, “a great city is that which has the greatest men and women”. And that is what we aim to keep in Andalusia beyond large capitals and dehumanized metropolises. Actually, Andalusia has been at the heart of civilization for thousands of years of cultural coexistence, playing a key role in the development of Spain and Europe. The autonomous region’s history and culture have been influenced by the Tartessos, Iberians, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, Byzantines, Berbers of North Africa, Jews, Romani, Arab Umayyads, and Moors. As a matter of fact, its location and the geostrategic position of Andalusia in the extreme south of Europe, providing a gateway between Europe and Africa, added to its position between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as its rich deposits of minerals and its agricultural wealth, together with its high standards of living, have made Andalusia a tempting prize for civilizations since prehistoric times. Thus, Andalusia is a synonym of the best quality of life.

Relevant data:

  1. Light: 300 days of sunshine yearly.
  2. History: 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  3. Expatriates. Around 800.000 foreign residents.
  4. 82,24 years of life expectancy.
  5. 100 million m2 of Industrial land.
  6. 11 Andalusian Public and 1 Private Universities.
  7. 450 non-university technical training centres.
  8. 5 International Airports and 10 Commercial Deep-Water Ports.
  9. Pubic and valuable Health System.
  10. Great communications and infrastructure, High-Capacity Highways and High-Speed Train connection to Madrid.

Spain has the largest network of highways and freeways in the European Union, two of Europe’s busiest airports, the third world’s most extensive high-speed rail network and is home to three of Europe’s most important ports. However, talented young people with such a great unemployment rate oblige us to join forces and make our land attractive to foreign investments, entrepreneurs and anyone willing to help us develop our beautiful Andalusia.

In the next weeks, we will develop three posts on relevant matters for our international clients:

  1. How to incorporate a company in Andalusia
  2. Tax planning and Knowledge Era in Europe
  3. Key contract clauses under Spanish Commercial Law

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Jesús Bores-Lazo

Socio-Director Boleo Legal

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