We facilitate the internationalization and growth of companies.

Market access

Negotiation of international agreements


In such a globalized environment where exporting and importing are common activities, we can only understand the world as a big market full of business opportunities.

We are aware of the risks derived from international expansion and, in order to face them with guarantees, we offer you a team of professionals with extensive experience in international agreements and operations, as well as an international network of collaborators of proven solvency.

We have the resources, knowledge and experience required to help our clients in exports and imports in the five continents.

“Route to market: international legal structures

We are aware that not all distribution and growth strategies through corporate acquisitions are identical, nor are the different markets in which our clients develop their activities and implement their lines of business.

Therefore, it is important to design a customized “Route to Market” roadmap, depending on the growth strategy chosen or through mergers and acquisitions of companies. We aim to reduce risks, lower costs and optimize the taxation of enterprises, increasing sales and improving results.

To facilitate international growth, we provide our experience in mergers and acquisitions M&A, as well as in the negotiation and formalization of distribution and / or agency agreements to access and remain properly in the market.

European Union Law

The European Union with its institutions and European Union law constitutes a single market and an area of freedom, security and justice that generates an economic impact of more than 80% of the imports and exports of our companies.

We have a proven practice and presence in Brussels, with knowledge of the European institutions (Commission, Council, European Parliament and Court of Justice), of the European Union law, as well as of the existing procedures and remedies. All this allows us to provide legal services with maximum guarantees.

In addition, we attend proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights. We defend your interests in arbitration, courts and tribunals, both national and in the European Union.

Global Competitiveness

Investments abroad


At Boleo Legal, our main objective is to facilitate foreign investments in Spain as well as the internationalization of Spanish companies. We specialize in investments and distribution abroad. We offer our clients international investment plans, in which we design the entire legal strategy of the business.

We also organize business meetings between clients, potential investors and other entrepreneurs in the sector with the purpose of sharing business synergies and collaboration links. We prepare market studies and specific information on the different industrial sectors that interest our clients.

Mergers and acquisitions


Mergers and acquisitions (known by its acronym as M&A), have acquired an enormous relevance in the current business and economic-financial environment. Generally, these types of business operations are triggered by the identification of a sector or a niche threat, a growth opportunity or consolidation in the market.

Regulated market segments and competition


Regulated market segments require the exercise of economic activity in free competition, complying with rigid legal requirements that are not required in liberalized markets. These are important sectors of the economy such as energy, communications, transportation, finance (banking, stock market and insurance), health care, gambling and betting, or the booming agri-food sector, among others.

At Boleo Legal we offer comprehensive advice on competition law, corporate law and public procurement, either in relation to the execution of a specific operation or to plan a project.

Intellectual property protection




boleo legal en sevilla

Intellectual and industrial property rights


In a digitalized and global environment, it is more important than ever to have lawyers specialized in intellectual property who can protect innovation and intangible assets such as the company’s appellations of origin.

The Industrial Property Registry grants its legitimate owner an exclusive right that reinforces the technological, competitive and commercial development of the company.

We provide comprehensive advice on intellectual and industrial property law, planning the defense of intangible assets, managing worldwide registrations and establishing the contracts required to regulate their use.

Digital law


Nowadays, new technologies have made digital law a necessity, forcing companies and professionals to adapt to this booming reality.

It is a new way of applying commercial, civil, criminal or administrative laws to what is known as the digital society, within which the treatment of personal data is of special importance and is instrumented in the LOPDGDD (“Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos Personales y Garantía de los Derechos Digitales”, Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights).

The digital legal profession must have expert advice on digital rights in the different fields of action, whether as a service provider, intermediary and/or user of new technologies.

Protecting innovation


Corporates and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) invest greatly in Research and Development (R&D). Once the investment has been completed and the enterprises have obtained a Return Over the Investment (ROI), how can the innovation obtained be protected without the competition disturbing it and infringing its rights?

A correct management of innovation requires good advice on industrial and intellectual property law.

The correct legal process and the protection of the intellectual property through trademarks and patents can open new channels of distribution and expansion.

At Boleo Legal we are advisors in intellectual property planning, management and commercialization.


Our law firm located in Seville and Madrid, is specialized in Enterprise. In this link you will discover the competitive advantages that we can bring to your business…

Our law firm located in Seville and Madrid, is specialized in Enterprise. In this link you will discover the competitive advantages that we can bring to your business…


“Great professionals and better people. Good advice and they have my full trust”

Manuel Torres
Professional soccer player

“I have found the confidence and legal support of a business law advisor who has provided us with valuable professional services in our international development: negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, company acquisitions, protection of our intellectual property rights, etc. Lawyers with knowledge, experience and global vision are essential for companies like AGQ Labs”

Estanislao Martínez
CEO and Executive Chairman of Agq Labs

“I received great specialized advice in several real estate matters that affected my personal assets and that seemed doomed to go to court but that they managed to resolve out of court very quickly and efficiently. They transmit great security and generate enormous confidence.”

Daniel Jorge Houche
International Manager of Encofrados Ide-K S.A.