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About Boleo Legal

Having a reliable, highly qualified and versatile team that knows the world of business and international trade is key to having the advice required at all times. Therefore, the main purpose of our lawyers is to provide an effective and true service that allows us to resolve any matter or conflict quickly and efficiently.

Thus, BOLEO LEGAL has been established in 2020 combining the necessary knowledge and practical experience of our professionals, which we make available to the client at all times. Focused on business law, people and their assets, we have an international and global vision. Our service vocation is based on the values trust, efficiency and quality.

Six partners with the enthusiasm of those who are just starting out, but with a proven track record and consolidated experience. We began this adventure with the aim of being beneficial to our clients and followers and maintaining the trust that we have generated for so many years by providing INNOVATIVE LEGAL SOLUTIONS.

Thanks to those of you who continue to trust us – we are now a team – and, for those of you who do not know us, do not hesitate to contact us because we are fully available for you.


Jesús Bores-Lazo, Managing Partner
boleolegal abogados

Practice Areas


At Boleo Legal we organize the practice areas from the client’s perspective:


We share a global vision.

We understand the world as a marketplace.

We want to help you bring your unique products and services to customers around the world.

We are committed to the sustainability of the planet.


We have business experience.

We protect all company assets.

We support you in negotiating, drafting and implementing marketing and merger & acquisition agreements.

We reduce business risks.


We are people’s lawyers

We help you solving problems that require true legal expert.

We thoroughly plan and help you manage your family assets, property and real estate.

We take care of your legal matters so that you can continue with your day-to-day life.

Why Boleo Legal?

We provide "Innovative Legal Solutions", which...

Positively transforming people and businesses

BoleoLegal's mission is:
to provide quality advice to facilitate internationalization, business growth and people’s peace of mind.
The values that symbolize Boleo are...
integrity, trust, commitment, quality and innovation.
We invest 3% of our results in...
social assistance through local and global NGOs.



Lawyers and experts





The team

Jesús bores lazo abogado

Jesús Bores-Lazo

Specialized in Corporate Law, Competition Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property, European and International Law.

He has practiced law internationally in Seville, Brussels, Washington and Latin America. He has been a consultant for the European Union, IDB, World Bank, SICA.

Jesús bores lazo abogado

David Silva

He has been practicing law since 1997 with special dedication to commercial and corporate law, civil-succession, criminal-economic and urban law.

He also provides legal advice to companies (mergers and acquisitions, M&A, restructuring and insolvency), mainly to small and medium-sized companies.

Jesús bores lazo abogado

Miguel Delgado

Specialized in Economic Criminal Law, Business and Civil Law, he has been a professor at the Faculty of Law and Master in the University Pablo de Olavide of Seville.

Since 1987 he has been practicing law in the Spanish Courts and Tribunals defending the interests of individuals, legal entities and Public Bodies.

Jesús bores lazo abogado

Carlos Durán

Specialized in corporate, international, civil and procedural law, he has practiced internationally from Madrid and in Munich.

He has extensive experience in in-house legal advice to leading national and international companies and law firms.

Rafael Molina Chocano - Socio - Boleo Legal

Rafael Molina

Specialized in administrative, urban, civil law and in advising companies in all areas of Law, especially in the property field.

He is a professor in postgraduate courses taught within the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Andalusia (CEA).

Jesús bores lazo abogado

Rubén López

Specialized in Corporate Law, in its labour and criminal aspects, he has practiced law throughout the national territory, mainly in Seville.

He has been an external consultant for individuals and companies, both nationally and internationally.

Javier Gomez Amores - Boleo Legal

Javier Gómez

Specialized in Labor Law and Social Security. He has dedicated himself to negotiation, advice and individual claims in labor and social security matters.

With extensive experience also in labor bankruptcy law, intervening as a labor consultant with both bankruptcy administrations and companies.

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“Great professionals and better people. Good advice and they have my full trust”

Manuel Torres
Professional soccer player

“I have found the confidence and legal support of a business law advisor who has provided us with valuable professional services in our international development: negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, company acquisitions, protection of our intellectual property rights, etc. Lawyers with knowledge, experience and global vision are essential for companies like AGQ Labs”

Estanislao Martínez
CEO and Executive Chairman of Agq Labs

“I received great specialized advice in several real estate matters that affected my personal assets and that seemed doomed to go to court but that they managed to resolve out of court very quickly and efficiently. They transmit great security and generate enormous confidence.”

Daniel Jorge Houche
International Manager of Encofrados Ide-K S.A.