Legal tools as a competitive advantage

We structure your business legally and fiscally

Legal planning


In order to facilitate business growth, it is essential to choose the most appropriate company structure and legal form. The existing types of commercial companies must be assessed to determine whether to set up a public limited company (S.A.), a private limited company (S.L.), or other types of companies.

In addition, it is necessary to provide them with agreements that clearly establish and balance the relationships between the funding partners, as well as their respective rights and obligations.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (“M&A“, Mergers & Acquisitions), both nationally and internationally. We also assist companies in negotiating and concluding strategic business alliances (“JVs”-Joint Ventures), as well as Temporary Joint Ventures (“UTEs“) and Economic Interest Groupings (“AIEs“)

Tax planning


Our tax lawyers provide advice to optimise the taxation of the company and the corporate and commercial operations carried out.

Our global network of lawyers allows us to advise and plan complex operations with a tax component. We avoid double taxation by optimising the fiscal impact and improving financial performance within the law.

Boleo Legal provides multidisciplinary advice to companies, investors and family groups.

We understand the critical success factors in the tax structure and help our clients to achieve tax optimisation of the business results obtained.

Labour planning


Our team of labour lawyers is made up of professionals with extensive experience in employment and labour law, including the following areas:

  • Drafting and negotiation of employment contracts and senior management contracts
  • Labour relations including collective negotiation, labour unions and company agreements
  • Individual and collective legal proceedings
  • Redundancy proceedings (EREs and ERTEs) and substantial modification of terms and conditions
  • Adaptation to new labour law regulations
  • Equality plans. Remuneration audit and job evaluation system (VPT).
  • Time and attendance control systems
  • Practical management of health, safety and prevention of occupational hazards
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Conflict resolution

Negotiation and facilitation of agreed solutions


At Boleo Legal we understand mediation and conflict management as a priority activity in our firm.

Our working method allows us to carry out a detailed and global analysis of each legal case in order to offer our clients the most effective solution for their interests and objectives, at the lowest possible cost.

We offer you our expertise to propose and find out-of-court solutions to legal disputes.

Defence and legal representation in disputes, proceedings and litigation


Our team is experienced in all types of business-related disputes and litigation.

Our rigorous yet practical approach defines us when it comes to successfully handling proceedings at all levels of court, both national and international.

Our international network of partners also enables us to provide direct assistance in international disputes and litigation.

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution


Arbitration as a dispute resolution system is a method of settling contractual disputes between companies in the context of business operations and transactions.

We are positioned to represent companies in dispute resolution and mediation before any arbitration court and applicable law.

We are proficient in mediation and dispute resolution techniques in several languages in commercial arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”).

Corporate and commercial contracts

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We help to negotiate successfully


Business negotiation has become increasingly important in the context of the networked economy – which generates a greater need for interaction – and globalisation – which requires the establishment of stable collaboration mechanisms.

Our negotiation techniques seek balanced solutions based on the “win-win” principle.

We approach the negotiation process based on creativity and the generation of alternatives that respond to the common interests of the parties.

Boleo Legal’s international negotiation team has consolidated experience in accompanying and advising complex negotiation processes in different languages and cultures.

We conclude effective contracts and assist in enforcing them


Good agreements should be embodied in effective commercial contracts, which clearly and fairly establish the legal framework for the relationship between the parties.

For example, a commercial representation contract or a commercial agency contract should not only clearly establish the rights and obligations of both parties, but also foresee the possible difficulties and the way to adequately resolve each of the disputes that may arise.

Boleo Legal has the experience to propose and negotiate out-of-court solutions to contractual disputes and, where appropriate, to successfully manage proceedings in the various procedural jurisdictions.

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Drafting of corporate agreements and documents

We provide comprehensive advice in all areas of the company, preparing the relevant legal documentation, including the following

Entrepreneurship and business development

Entrepreneurship & start-ups


We support entrepreneurship projects and the creation of start-ups or companies through proactive advice in all areas including:

  • establishment of the company
  • training of the team, directors, advisors and equity partners
  • support for entrepreneurs
  • protection of the idea & know how
  • digitalisation and use of new technologies
  • financing for entrepreneurs and growth
  • marketing
  • entry of business angels & investors
  • internationalisation
  • alliances, mergers and acquisitions

We help legally to finance your Project


The financing of business projects is one of the areas that has benefited from the greatest innovation in recent years within the so-called “investment ecosystem“.

Conventional financing offered by banks and credit institutions has been joined by new financial forms such as:

  • financing offered by public entities
  • funds from venture capital firms
  • participatory investment by business angels and private investors
  • the different forms of venture capital, both in the early stages –venture capital– and in more advanced stages –private equity-.
  • new sources of alternative financing, based on the collaborative economy and new technologies within the financial sphere (crowdfunding, crowdlending).

Enterprise management


At Boleo Legal we have a team that will help you in the day-to-day management of your small or medium-sized company, both in accounting and tax consultancy, labour management and regulatory compliance in all matters that have an impact on the company.

Regulatory compliance covers disciplines such as health and safety at work, processing and protection of personal data, preparation of annual accounts and audits, etc.

We invite you to contact us to find out more about the management services we offer for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and the self-employed entrepreneurs.

All this from a prism of involvement in the project and collaborative support to the company

All this from a perspective of involvement in the project and collaborative support to the company or entrepreneur including the required flexibility in relation to our fees.

At Boleo Legal we are also a Spanish law firm focused on protecting people and their assets. Continue reading…


“Great professionals and better people. Good advice and they have my full trust”

Manuel Torres
Professional soccer player

“I have found the confidence and legal support of a business law advisor who has provided us with valuable professional services in our international development: negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements, company acquisitions, protection of our intellectual property rights, etc. Lawyers with knowledge, experience and global vision are essential for companies like AGQ Labs”

Estanislao Martínez
CEO and Executive Chairman of Agq Labs

“I received great specialized advice in several real estate matters that affected my personal assets and that seemed doomed to go to court but that they managed to resolve out of court very quickly and efficiently. They transmit great security and generate enormous confidence.”

Daniel Jorge Houche
International Manager of Encofrados Ide-K S.A.